Palmer BATPACK 8000 Batterijvoeding

Batterijvoeding voor pedalboards 8000mAh - Oplaadbare 9V DC batterijvoeding - Absoluut vrij v... € 95,00 lees meer »

Palmer PECOMP Compressor for guitar

The PECOMP Compressor controls the dynamics of your guitar signal for increased punch and sustain... € 45,00 lees meer »

Palmer PWT 05 MK2 Universele 9V-voeding voor Pedalboards 5 uitgangen

-   Universele 9V-voeding -   Geïsoleerde uitgangen met elk 250 mA -   Over... € 83,00 lees meer »

Palmer HURROGAIN distortion pedaal

The PEHURR Hurrigain pedal combines fuzz and overdrive effects. Reminiscent of the classic 60ies ... € 75,00 lees meer »

Palmer ENCORE Looper Pedal

Met slechts één voet switch en de knop, alle functies van de ENCORE van onze Reeks ... € 84,00 lees meer »

Palmer PEAUTO automatic wah/distortion

Two effects in one box

The Palmer PEAUTO is an auto wahwah and distortion pedal in one.
Featuring the familiar distortion circuitry of the Palmer PEDIST and an additional auto wah, the PEAUTO offers a gamut of sounds from gentle to hard, from mellow thickness to the ultimate wall of distortion.
Housed in a solid metal case with extended edges for optimum protection of the in- and outputs, the knurled knobs are easy to grip and the sturdy footswitch offers just the right action point.
A red LED clearly indicates if the effect is active or the PEAUTO is in bypass mode. It is powered by an external 9-volt power supply or, alternatively, a 9-volt block battery.


Technical Specifications
Input impedance: 470 kohms
Output impedance: 100 kohms
Residual noise: -85 dB (all controls centered)
Controls: Q-factor, Tone, Wet / Dry
Indicator: LED on / off
Connectors: IN, OUT, DC input (9 V)
Footswitch: true bybass
Power requirements: 9 V block battery or 9 V DC supply (optional)
Power consumption: 14 mA (9 V DC)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 120 mm x 60 mm x 150 mm

€ 117,00

Onze prijs:
€ 75,00
Direct Leverbaar
Richwood RAC-50
Marcus Miller CMD 101 MICRO 60
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