NUX NBP-5 basgitaar voorversterker

Designed by Bassist for Bass Lovers VIDEO We collaborated with American bass player Melvin Lee... € 149,00 lees meer »

NUX NPB-S Accessories pedal board Bumblebee S

pedal board Bumblebee S, 310mm(W)x243mm(D)x90mm(H), with carry bag designed to fit 6 pcs regul... € 96,00 lees meer »

NUX MG-400 Multi-Effects guitar/bass amp modeling processor and multi effect with USB recording interface

14-11-2022 guitar/bass amp modeling processor and multi effect with USB recording interface € 195,00 lees meer »

NUX PA50 monitor system

monitorsysteem, dual channel, 6.5 "+1", 50W * Dubbele ingangskanalen, 1 x 1/4 "... € 249,00 lees meer »

NUX PCP-10 Plexi Crunch Tube simulation distortion

leverbaar vanaf 27-10 effectpedaal Plexi Crunch buizen simulatie overdrive, true bypass H... € 39,95 lees meer »

NUX NBK-5 analog compressor and boost MASAMUNE

analog compressor and boost MASAMUNE
Masamune is a legendary Japanese swordsmith of the Kamakura period (1185–1333). He produced some of the finest blades known to man. The name Masamune is synonymous with quality, so here at NUX, we forged a design of combined circuits, compression, dry signal, 2 gain stage of FET boost, routing...

ENTER the NUX MASAMUNE a pedal that offers huge razor-sharp dynamic sound, the quality on the level of a Japanese Katana, and not just any katana, it's MASAMUNE!

Both pedals are now available in one convenient metal housing, and it comes with selectable signal routing. The Boost Section comes with Boost Level, Drive, and Hi-Cut controls. The Compressor Section comes with Komp Level, Sustain, Blend, and Clip controls. The Masamune has an external foot-switch jack Input, you can easily operate the pedal by using an additional remote switch.

NUX Masamune is a sound-crafter pedal

It forges your dry-signal, enhancing your sound before sending your signal to your amp, and/or any effects unit. The Booster adds beneficial color to your signal, and, if necessary, after you adjust the boost & drive levels, you can cut high frequencies on your Input signal with the Hi-Cut Toggle Switch.

Masamune’s Kompressor does a remarkable job managing and enhancing your signal: Komp Level knob adjusts the final Output level for the Compressor, perfectly balancing your Input and Output signals. Sustain knob adjusts the compression ratio, and increases sustain. Higher sustain levels will squash your signal harder when you hit the strings and creates a longer, richer sustain. Blend knob adjusts the compressor transparency from 50% to 100%, so you can dial-in the exact amount of compressed dry-signal blend you want.

Clip Toggle allows you to choose the clipping range of your Input signal. The Toggle-UP position will squeeze the signal for voluminous sound, and Toggle-DOWN will open up more space on your clipping range.

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