Crumar Mojo 61 long throw expressiepedaal MJ61-EXP2

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Crumar Mojo 61B onderklavier unit

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Crumar MJEXP1 long throw expressiepedaal 10K

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Crumar SEVEN virtual modelling electronic piano

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Crumar Mojo-DSK virtual tonewheel organ module Desktop

virtual tonewheel organ module MOJO DESKTOP, 9 drawbars, GSi VB3.2 software


This is the first time the Crumar Mojo is released in a desktop format. A format like this brings a load of advantages: it's small, can be transported in a bag or in a backpack, can be controlled by any MIDI keyboard or by any computer or sequencer, and is totally self-contained, doesn't need any extra device for running or for editing. Thanks to its large touch-sensitive display, all editing of the Mojo Desktop is at your fingertips, literally.

Mojo Desktop is based on the same powerful sound engine and DSP platform as the Mojo Classic. It's actually the hardware counterpart of the GSi VB3-II virtual instrument, as not only it runs the same sound engine, it also has the exact same parameter set, and can exchange Programs and Banks of Programs thanks to its import/export functions from/to a traditional USB thumb drive.

Physically, it reproduces the same style and elegance of its dual-keyboard big brother, with solid wooden panels, large illuminated buttons and a very intuitive control panel, familiar to any tonewheel organ player.

• Color Touch 3,2” Display
• 9 Physical drawbars assignable to
  each of the 3 manuals
• Large Illuminated buttons for
  percussion, Chorus/Vibrato and
  Rotary Speaker control
• Large encoder knob for Chorus/
  Vibrato type selection
• Six potentiometers for immediate
• Inputs for Swell Pedal and Foot
• Two MIDI inputs
• Two USB host inputs
• Class-compliant USB-MIDI port
• Headphone output
• Balanced Stereo output
  Please refer to the user's manual for
 a complete feature list

• Power rating: 9-12 Volts DC 2000 mA
• Output level: +4 dBu
• Headphone output max load: 32ohm
• Dimensions: cm 23 x 23,5 x 9
• Weight: Kg 1,7

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